Our Supporters

Getting there…with your help!

Jan Irwin (Easy Street Productions) and Amanda West Lewis (Ottawa Children’s Theatre) began collaborating on Up to Low in 2012. This is a very local project –the story takes place here, the writer lives here, as does the artistic team – you get the picture. We hoped that sense of Ottawa and the Valley would generate excitement.

We started with a birthday party/project launch/fundraiser in December 2012. Many reading this will remember the party, and your contributions to it – planning, preparing food, securing donations for/donating to the silent auction, setting up the venue, working at the door, the bar, the auction, performing, buying tickets… And we remember when you came to/organized other events, and your generosity when we passed the hat.

The resulting “war chest” convinced us that we could take the next steps – finish the adaptation, build an artistic team, raise the rest of the funds – a total of about $125,000. Heavy lifting for a couple of independent artist/producers!

We began to write grant applications. Many of them didn’t pan out. Public arts funding is scarce – but The City of Ottawa was there for us and that was encouraging.

Then, the “light bulb” moment that changed everything! Partnerships! Momentum picked up:

  • Great Canadian Theatre offered us space for a reading of the script-in-progress, and liked what they heard
  • Cube Gallery hosted a reading to which we invited the NAC and Odyssey Theatre
  • Odyssey Theatre jumped on board accepting us into their New Play Development Program, a supportive relationship that also enables us to issue charitable tax receipts for donations over $35
  • National Arts Centre, English Theatre offered development funds through “The Collaborations.”
  • The Municipality of Low, Quebec hosted a script-workshop reading at Brennan’s Hill Hotel where we found our production style
  • A generous award from Ontario Arts Council confirmed the go-ahead!
  • And, importantly, a brilliant Steering Committee formed to help – huge wattage resulted!


Thanks to all of your from 2012 to 2015 who have helped lift Up to Low on stage. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

You have our undying gratitude.

Jonathan Angel & Karen Reynolds
Donald & Sheila Bayne
Cynthia Baxter
John Cardill
Barbara Crook & Dan Greenberg, The Danbe Foundation
Peter & MaryEllen Doody
John Doran & Gaye Souchen
Jacques & Ellen Emond
Jeffrey & Margaret Hooper
Helen Irwin
Kathleen Irwin
Barbara & Glenn McInnes
Jim & Christine McKeen – Metro Glebe
Kevin Nearing
Robert & Joanne Nelson
Gail & Allan O’Brien
Monica Sapiano & Brian Scott
David & Alison Scott
John Doran & Gaye Souchen
Ian & Cathy Stauffer
Natalie & Raymond Stern
MaryAnn Kehoe & Frank Tierney
Tim Wynne-Jones

Padraig Finlay
Sandra W. Graham
Tom & Jocelyne McKenna
Ian S. McKercher
Jean Van Loon

Paul Beaulieu
Peter Carver
Alan Davis
Megan Doyle Ray
Susannah Dalfen & Jonathan Malino
Elizabeth Hay & Mark Fried
Leah Jones
Diana Kirkwood
Jane MacTavish Robinson
Peter & Marilyn Mulrooney
Elizabeth O’Driscoll
Joel Oliver
Dr. Fraser Rubens
Patty’s Pub
Julia Sneyd
Lisa A. Stone
Michel Protti

Steven M. Adler
Gail & David Anglin
Susan Annis
Lewis Auerbach
E. Nicholas Aplin
David Barnes
Diana M. Belshaw
Bernice Blackwell
Victoria Ann Bleeks
Lawrence Bonavia
John Bracken
C. Garth Brooks
Evangeline & JD Campbell
Rod Chan
Nancy V.A. Colton
Richard A. Ellis
Mary Lou Fleming
James A. Fritz
Paul Gaffney
Sheila Green
Annie Holtby
Peter M. Honeywell
Jeanne E. Inch
Janet Irwin
Kathleen Irwin
Michael Irwin
Patricia Irwin
Kevin & Renee Jones
Sandra S. Lawn
Amanda Lewis
BJ Lindsay
Andy Lunney
Maggie Magner
Margaret Mitchell
Jean Palmer
Ray & Sheila Protti
Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre
Leona Rooney  & Mike Jackson
Andy Spandy
Victoria Steele
Elizabeth Stewart
Laurie Steven
Kathy Stinson
Judith Stoler
Lori Victor & John van Mossel
Linda Wilde
Anne Woods

Jan Andrews
Richard Baird
Karleen Bradford
Mary E.Burns
Jennifer Cayley
Ronald P. Chan
Mary Chambers
Lisa Charendoff
Audrey Churgin
James Cullingham
Erin Downey
Ellis Lynn Duscheses
Michele Fansett
Ian Farthing
Norma Greenaway
Katherine Grier
Gerald Halpern
Mitzi Hauser
Katherine Hobbs
Barbara & Art Howatt
Pierre & Lisa Isabelle
Barry Karp
Laurie Koensgen
Annette Leung
Laurie Lewis
Barbara Lunney
Catherine MacGregor
Carl Martin
Ian E. Miller
Elizabeth & Wim Pieterson
Stephanie Potter
Diana Roach
Louise Schwartz
Hans Sinn
Katherine Stauble
Catherine M Tutton
Margaret S. Yendell

Richard I Alguire
Jennifer Cecil
David S. Craig
Catherine Cunningham-Huston
Peter Duschenes
John Edwards
Sarah Georgina Green
Susan Jolliffe
Nancy Kenny
Penny McCann
Peter M. McGuire
Cathie McKillop
Jane Moore
Nancy Oakley
Emily Pearlman
Adrien J.Pyke
Jennifer Rayner
Gerald & Carolyn Webb
Klass van Weringh

Patricia Black
William G. Carriere
Micheline Chevrier
Roger Smith & Denise Chong
Robert Cloutier
Lorna Cunningham-Rushton
Tracy Donahue
Betty Jane Giles
Madeleine Hayes
John E.A. Hurd
Maureen Judge
Wendy McPeake
Jane Moore
Jane Osborn
Frances Pearl
Guy Poirier
Isabel Remus
Kelly Rigole
Joshua Scott
Mrs. Mary E. Sproule
Roxanne Standefer
Christina Usubiaga
Beverly Wolfe
Nhanci Wright

Eleanor Belshaw-Hauff
Sheila C. Casgrain
David S. Craig
Meghan Fitzpatrick
Katherine Fleming
Laurie L. Hall
Diana Mitzi Hauser
Therese R. Henderson
Anna Hoad
Vera Kadar
Judi Pearl
David Poch
James Reicker
Carolyn Smart

We are so grateful to all of our supporters and will update this page accordingly as we receive donations.  Our sincerest apologies for any mistakes we have made in the above listing.  For any corrections please contact us at uptolow@gmail.com.  Thank you!